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A Deeper Dive—James Gladys, Esquire

Jim Gladys, Esquire

Our “Deeper Dive” series features our attorneys who primarily focus on providing services to LegalShield members and clients every day.  Attorney James J. Gladys has been with our firm since May 1, 2015.  Before joining us, he owed his own law firm that advised local boroughs and townships.    

Q: How do you connect to LegalShield members?

Attorney Gladys: I understand that when a client contacts us, they are facing a problem and are often anxious and under stress about it. I recognize that those feelings are very important to the client, often as much as helping them find a solution to their problem. I believe in the “Golden Rule”: treat others as you would want to be treated. While I try to help solve their problem, I try to help them to understand what is happening and why. I sometimes use humor to make their day and life better.

Q: How do you bring value to your clients?

Attorney Gladys: I bring value to my clients by having a broad knowledge of many substantive areas and years of courtroom experience. I have been to the “rodeo” more than once. What I like best about working with my clients is that it allows me to do what I’ve always believed a lawyer should do: trying to help the people that I encounter. I also enjoy problem solving. The members of LegalShield give me an ongoing supply of interesting problems that I can help with.

Q: Tell us about a recent success for a LegalShield member.

Attorney Gladys: Sometimes – more often that folks might imagine – what should be a simple legal matter turns into something unexpectedly complex. Recently, I had the pleasure of assisting two clients who were recent arrivals in the USA with real estate transactions. In both cases, their deals are in turmoil. They did not understand what is happening or why. The legal documents were long and filled with terms they did not understand.

They felt like they are getting steamrolled by the other persons and the real estate agents involved. In both cases, I was been able to explain the process for them to an understandable level and given them the tools (I sometimes refer to as “magic words”) to fight back. The other parties and the real estate agents, who I believe were trying to deal with these members unfairly, were not expecting any push back given the clients’ backgrounds. There is a good chance that the deals will go through or that the members may settle on favorable terms if not.

Q: My greatest accomplishments:

Attorney Gladys: My two daughters

Q: The best advice I have received

Attorney Gladys: I heard this at a commencement ceremony from the president of the university: “Never lie, never tell the whole truth, never pass up a chance to go to the bathroom.”

-My attitude towards life is that life is a journey, not a destination -The best ideas come from being in the shower


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