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LegalShield Member Hub

Our LegalShield Partnership

LegalShield is the pioneer in the industry of underwriting and marketing legal expense plans. We are proud to be involved with a program to provide access to the legal system for the working men and women of America.

LegalShield Contact Info

(412) 391-7339

(412) 391-8232

Customer Service:
(800) 654-7757

Fiffik Law Group + LegalShield

The need for legal services is immense. Americans experience millions of civil legal problems every year. The average is 3 problems every 18 months. It's not a question of “if”, but rather “when” Pennsylvanians will have a legal problem.

The most common problems include bread and butter things that can have a big impact on your health and happiness:

  • Money – finances, government benefits, debts

  • Housing – rental issues or mortgage problems

  • Employment – discrimination, payroll issues, employee rights

  • Relationship breakdowns – marriage transitions, child custody, and support

  • Insurance disputes and personal injuries

Most people don’t recognize these situations as legal issues or that they can be helped by access to legal advice. That’s part of our shared challenge.

80% of people with legal issues never turn to an attorney for help. They handle them on their own, do nothing or turn to family. Without assistance, these situations can escalate with potentially significant negative consequences. Not all legal issues are problems. Some legal issues are good things, such as:

  • Buying a house or renting a new apartment

  • Starting a business

  • Taking care of your family with estate planning

Our mission is nothing short of changing the future. We want fewer people to “go it alone” when they have a legal issue. We want more members of our community to be connected and empowered. A LegalShield membership connects people with legal help that is targeted, timely and trustworthy.

Targeted – we have attorneys with a wide range of skills and experience. Whatever the situation, we have an attorney here who has the knowledge to help with the issue.

Timely – we’re here when members need us. They can initiate a request for service on the phone, via text, or by filling out a request for consult online – anytime, any day whenever it's convenient.

Trustworthy – with LegalShield money doesn’t get between members and the help they need. It's already taken care of. When they call they’re not asked to pay – they simply start getting help.

Your LegalShield Membership


Step One: When you have a legal question or issue, it is important to call your Provider Law Firm as soon as possible. Waiting to seek advice may result in fewer legal options available to you. Call as soon as you realize you have a legal issue.

Step Two: When calling your Provider Law Firm, use the toll-free number for fast service. When your Provider Law Firm returns your call, a different number may appear on your Caller ID as it's an outgoing call. Remember, using the toll-free number connects you to special staff who will expedite your call to an attorney.

Step Three: The person answering the toll-free number will ask you for your name and membership number (listed on your membership card). If you are calling for assistance with a third party, they will also ask you for that party's name, address, and other pertinent information.

Step Four: You will be asked to briefly explain your legal concern. By providing these details, the firm will be able to select an attorney with experience in the area of law pertaining to your legal issue. You will also be asked to provide the best contact number where you can be reached. Please share your cell phone number and home number so an experienced attorney can easily reach you within 8 business hours.

Step Five: When you speak to your Provider Attorney, it is important to have your facts and documents with you for reference. If you have documents, they may be requested by the attorney for review. Please do not mail the originals to the Provider Law Firm. Fax or email them when requested. 

Step Six: Please take time to review your New Member Guide when it arrives. Fill out your Will Questionnaire and mail it to your Provider Law Firm as soon as possible so you can get started protecting your family.

LegalShield Membership Services

Member Services Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Central), Monday-Friday (except holidays).

If you have any questions about your LegalShield membership contract, contact Member Services at or (800) 654-7757.

Your Member Services Department is located in Ada, Oklahoma, at the LegalShield Home Office.

You should call Member Services if you:

  • Have a question about what’s covered under your plan contract.

  • Need to update information—your address, phone number, or email address.

  • Need to make a change in your payment method.

  • Need to add or remove a family member from your coverage.

  • Need a replacement contract or membership card.

  • Need an additional Will Questionnaire.

  • Have had a positive experience with your Provider Law Firm and would like to share your success story.

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