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$15,000 in Unpaid Debt Recovered, Thanks to Attorney Matthew Bole

An all-too-common legal challenge we come across is one party refusing to pay another party for work or services rendered. Without legal representation, it can feel nearly impossible to compel non-paying customers to even respond to invoice requests, let alone actually pay them. In one of our recent cases, Fiffik Law Group Partner Matthew Bole helped his corporate client recover the money they were rightfully owed.

Attorney Bole represented a plumbing company involved in a collection dispute with a hotel. Despite completing the work that they were hired to do, the hotel refused to pay, citing alleged issues with the services without providing specific reasons for their stance. When the hotel stopped so much as responding to the plumbing company’s inquiries, the plumbing company sought out the legal services of Fiffik Law Group.

As soon as Attorney Bole got involved and filed a lawsuit to recover the unpaid debt, the hotel immediately changed their tune. Involving our legal counsel led to a swift and favorable settlement of the $15,000 owed. By reaching the settlement quickly through negotiations and avoiding going to court, Attorney Bole saved his client considerable attorney fees, time, and hassle.

The attorneys at Fiffik Law Group are experienced in handling the complex challenges that come along with owning and running a business. We assist business owners at every stage of the business journey. If you are facing challenges with your business or have questions about LLC formation or succession planning, contact us today for a free initial consultation.


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