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$85,000 Recovered for Sign Installer Injured at Work

Getting injured at work can be a frustrating and uncertain time, especially when your injury means you will not be able to continue working for a while. Injured workers are entitled to receive compensation to cover their medical bills and wage loss, but how much and how quickly workers receive compensation varies. It is important to consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney to handle your case as quickly and effectively as possible. Recently, Matthew Bole, Partner at Fiffik Law Group, helped a client recover a considerably sized settlement from a workers compensation claim.

Matthew Bole’s client was working as a sign installer in early 2020 when he slipped on ice and injured his shoulder. Since this injury left him unable to continue working his physically demanding job, he filed a workers compensation claim. Unfortunately, it is all too common for claims to be denied by insurance companies trying to avoid a payout – and that is exactly what happened in this man’s case. The insurance company tried to minimize the man’s injury by alleging he was not as hurt as he claimed to be and was still able to work. Meanwhile, the man had to undergo multiple surgeries and was fired from his job for a bogus reason that was clearly related to the incident.

Thankfully, the man reached out to Attorney Bole to appeal the decision. The defense aggressively contested the man’s claim – they tried to force him to settle by keeping him unemployed and dragging out the process. Nevertheless, after countless depositions and hearings, Attorney Bole was able to convince them to settle for a fair amount of over $85,000.

Workers compensation cases only pay out for medical expenses and wage loss – not pain and suffering. This lessened opportunity for payment is a result of a compromise put into law; workers only need to prove that they were hurt to receive compensation, not that their employer was negligent.

If you were involved in a workplace incident that left you injured or unable to work, you should consult with one of our experienced Pennsylvania workers compensation attorneys as soon as possible. Schedule a free consultation today to get your case started.


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