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Below is a list of COVID-19 car insurance company refunds, credits and rebate programs. Some companies have yet to announce any program. Driving is down between 35% to 50% during the COVID pandemic. This is very beneficial to insurance companies. Some industry experts consider the rebates and credits they are offering as relatively small in comparison to the benefit these companies enjoy with your reduced driving. If your company has yet to offer a credit or refund, you should contact your agent and ask what can be done to reduce your premiums for the next couple of months.

For additional rate reductions: if you have multiple cars in the household and you are able to keep one on the sidelines, consider changing the status of one of your cars as out of use. It’ll keep comprehensive insurance on the car and keep you legal but will result in increased savings. Just don’t forget to change the status back when you start driving again.

This is a great time to review your auto policy. We’d be happy to review your auto policy with you, offer other tips on saving money and advise you on the best coverage to protect you and your family.



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