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A Deeper Dive: Attorney Adie Kurtanich

Our “Deeper Dive” series features our attorneys who primarily focus on providing services to LegalShield members every day. Attorney Kurtanich has been with our firm since 2020. Before joining us, she worked as an attorney specializing in mineral, energy and natural resources, regulatory and utility law. She can respond to a wide variety of legal issues and has experience with business law, oil and gas law, regulatory law, utility law and contracts.

Q: How do you connect to LegalShield members?

Attorney Kurtanich: I try to actively listen to their questions, issues, and concerns. In order to provide the best legal advice possible, I need to truly understand the heart of the issue. I achieve this understanding by listening, clarifying my understanding, and then advising. My goal for client engagement is to have clients feel comfortable speaking to me no matter how big or small the issue may be. Sometimes, clients are embarrassed to ask a question that they think might be silly. However, those are often the very questions which need to be addressed. I put clients at ease to ask their questions and ask them to tell me what happened and what their concerns are. Asking a client to provide a narrative allows the client open up while allowing me to gather discrete details that I would not otherwise have. Sometimes I have to ask tough questions, and clients appreciate that. I bring value to my clients by providing an approach which gathers the most details. Each individual client is unique and therefore has a unique set of circumstances. My clients teach me something new every day.

Q: Tell us about a recent success for a LegalShield member.

Attorney Kurtanich: I recently spoke with a LegalShield member who had never filed for unemployment compensation before and had no idea where to start. I guided her through the process, she was able to file her claim, and has successfully received benefits.

Q: My greatest accomplishments:

Attorney Kurtanich: I was someone who couldn’t run a 5K but I wanted to challenge myself. After a lot of hard work, I was able to compete in a triathlon in 2016, a marathon in 2017, and an ultramarathon trail run in 2019. Those were tough, but conquering my fear of public speaking through Toastmasters might’ve been my biggest challenge.

Q: The toughest lesson I have learned:

Attorney Kurtanich: The toughest lesson I learned was to step out of my comfort zone. It can be scary to step out of your comfort zone, but in the long run you end up with an entirely different perspective which allows you to view issues differently and provide a more holistic level of client service.

My attitude towards life is live every day to the fullest and treat each day as though it may be your last.

Best advice I have received is to listen, learn, and then lead.


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