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Temporary Worker Paid $8,000+ After Getting #fiffiklaw Attorney Involved.

Our LegalShield member worked for a temp employment agency and was released from an assignment during the COVID pandemic. She filed an application for unemployment comp. Our member was shocked when the application was denied because the temp agency failed to report her wages. This was a huge problem for the member and her family at a time of crisis. She tried to work it out directly with the agency to no avail. Fortunately, she used her #LegalShield membership and related to Attorney Barbara Weiss.

Attorney Weiss reviewed documents and wrote a letter on the member’s behalf of the agency demanding 1) that they quickly and properly report the member’s wages to the PA Unemployment Compensation Bureau and 2) pay the member for the time period during which she was ineligible for benefits.  Once the agency got Attorney Weiss’ letter, they changed their tune and quickly moved to get the member a contact within PA Unemployment Compensation to work with her on the claim and to update records so that she was approved and received unemployment compensation.  The agency also agreed to compensation the member for the mistake. 

All told, between the back-due unemployment benefits and compensation paid by the agency, the member received over $8,000.  The cost in legal fees to the member?  $0.

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