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Have an LLC owning a rental property? Your Tax Status Can Cost You Money.

If you own or plan to own rental property, it’s a great idea to own it with a limited liability company (“LLC”). The tax status that you elect for your LLC can cost or save you taxes. You have a variety of tax statuses to chose from with an LLC. An LLC can be treated as a sole proprietorship (if single member), a partnership (if multi-member), or you can elect to treat your LLC as an S-Corp or C-Corp. If you elect S-Corp, you might run into a level of unnecessary taxation. Here’s why: rental properties are considered passive income even if you actively participate in the rental activity. Passive income, by definition, is not subjected to self-employment tax.

However, if you elect to have your LLC be treated as an S-Corp for taxation purposes you could potentially have to pay yourself a reasonable wage for the management of the LLC which in turn is subjected to FICA and Medicare taxes (15.3%). This is the same as paying self-employment tax. To avoid this grief and headache, have your rental property LLCs be regular LLCs (that is choose the default status) and your business LLCs be LLCs with the S-Corp election.

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