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Fall Driving Safety Tips from Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys

Empty road lined with trees with colorful fall leaves and the Fiffik Law Group logo in the corner.

As the vibrant colors of summer give way to the earthy tones of autumn in Pennsylvania, we embrace the cooler temperatures and pumpkin-spiced everything. But, along with the beauty of fall foliage, the season brings unique challenges to the roadways.

Autumn's Unique Driving Hazards

Wet Leaves

Pennsylvania’s winding roads are often lined with trees, creating picturesque tunnels of color. However, leaves that fall and accumulate on the road can become damp from rain or morning dew, making surfaces slippery. Navigating around these roads, especially the curves, can be particularly challenging. If you must drive through patches of wet leaves, reduce your speed, avoid sudden movements, and maintain a safe following distance to ensure better traction and control of your vehicle.


Rural areas of Pennsylvania are particularly prone to early morning fog and reduced visibility. Fog is more common in autumn due to the combination of cooling temperatures at night and lingering warmth from daytime; the temperature inversions that trap moisture near the ground create foggy conditions. If you find yourself driving through fog, reduce your speed and switch on your low beams to minimize glare and reflection.

Early Darkness

As Autumn progresses, the days grow shorter, and darkness falls earlier in the evening. This transition from daylight to darkness can be abrupt, catching drivers off guard. Be sure to turn on your headlights, even during the transition from daylight to evening. Proper lighting makes your vehicle more visible to others on the road and enhances your own visibility.

Active Wildlife

It’s safe to say most Pennsylvania drivers have experienced a deer dashing across the road in front of their car. Deer and other wildlife are particularly active during the autumn months due to their mating season. Stay alert and scan the sides of the road for any movement and pay attention to deer crossing signs. If a deer does jump out of nowhere, avoid swerving to minimize injury to yourself and damage to your vehicle.

Personal Injury Lawyers Near You

Autumn’s picturesque landscapes may lure us onto the road, but it is essential to stay vigilant and prepared for the unique challenges this season brings. Our experienced auto accident attorneys understand that a car accident can injure the most cautious individual. If another driver has injured you, it is important that you seek experienced legal representation. Our personal injury lawyers serve clients across Pennsylvania with the knowledge and expertise to help you gain maximum compensation for your injuries. Time is of the essence – contact us today.


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