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$42,000 Rewarded in Auto Accident Case Despite Limited Tort Restrictions

Auto accident victims deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering so they have the financial freedom to recover and readjust. Fiffik Law Group Partner Matthew Bole represented an Allegheny County auto accident victim seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a collision. This was no ordinary claim, however – his client opted for limited tort coverage in her auto insurance policy, a decision that comes with certain limitations on her ability to recover damages.

Limited tort is an option where policyholders pay less for their auto insurance premiums but relinquish certain rights, particularly the ability to seek compensation for pain and suffering, except under specific circumstances such as serious impairment of bodily function.

Attorney Bole’s client suffered from a severe concussion with extreme light sensitivity and other debilitating symptoms, impacting her daily life at work and home. Proving the gravity of a concussion is particularly subjective – it isn’t as black and white as a broken arm, for example – making the feat of overcoming limited tort even more difficult.

Nevertheless, Attorney Bole expertly built and presented the case with enough convincing evidence that resulted in an outcome nothing short of remarkable – an arbitration award of $42,000. This significant victory will help his client recover and rebuild her life after her accident.

Exceptions like this to limited tort are rare. If you are considering limit tort coverage, we strongly advise you to carefully weigh your auto insurance options as it may not be the wisest choice. Contact Fiffik Law Group for a thorough review of your auto insurance policy – we’ll explain the implications of your selections and provide guidance so you avoid any pitfalls.

For those seeking representation in an auto accident case or other related legal matters, Fiffik Law Group is here for you. Our track record of success speaks for itself. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.


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