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[COVID-19 Update] On Hold: Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

A judge in Louisiana has stopped a federal mandate requiring health care workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine from going into effect. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty granted the preliminary injunction yesterday. The now-delayed mandate required that most healthcare workers have at least one vaccine by December 4, 2021. Workers in facilities that received federal payments in the way of Medicaid or Medicare benefits were impacted. That covered the vast majority of healthcare workers. The judge's order says it will apply to all but 10 states where a preliminary injunction had already been put in place on Monday by a federal judge out of Missouri. This includes Pennsylvania. The preliminary injunction is temporary, and a higher court will ultimately decide the fate of the rule.

Healthcare workers who have a valid medical or faith-based reason for not being vaccinated are exempted from the mandate. You can download our faith-based request for vaccine exemption here.

We’ll continue to update you on developments in this very important debate.

Religious Exemption Request Letter
Download DOCX • 13KB


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