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Cellphones Banned While Driving in Pennsylvania – What You Need to Know

pennsylvania bans the use of cellphones while driving

Pennsylvania is taking a significant step towards enhancing road safety by implementing a ban on handheld cellphone use while driving. The new law, set to be signed by Governor Josh Shapiro, expands on existing legislation prohibiting texting while driving and aims to address the broader issue of distracted driving.

What the Law Says:

Ban on Handheld Devices

Motorists are prohibited from using handheld mobile devices while driving. This includes activities such as making phone calls, texting, browsing the internet, or using social media apps.


Limited Exceptions

Drivers may use handheld devices only to call 911 or first responders in emergency situations. The law does not apply to the use of devices solely for navigation or if the vehicle is safely pulled off the road and stopped.



Violators of the law will face a $50 fine. However, during the initial year of enforcement, authorities will issue written warnings to promote compliance and educate drivers about the new regulations.


How to Stay Safe:


Utilize Hands-Free Technology

Set up Bluetooth in your vehicle to enable hands-free calling and minimize distractions while driving. If your vehicle is equipped with voice command technology, use it to make calls, send messages, or change music without taking your hands off the wheel. Even better, if you need to make or receive a call, plan to pull over at a safe location such as a rest stop or parking lot rather than attempting to multitask while driving.


Opt for Safe Navigation Options

Use your car's built-in navigation system or purchase a phone holder mount to securely display your GPS directions.


Set Up Music Before Driving

Choose your playlist or radio station and adjust the volume to your preference before setting off on your journey.


Enable Driving Focus Mode

Take advantage of features like "driving focus" on your smartphone to minimize distractions automatically when driving. Set it up in your phone settings or control center to activate while on the road.


Store Cellphones Out of Reach

If possible, keep your cellphone out of reach and sight to avoid temptation. Consider placing it in a designated storage compartment or in the backseat.


Consider exploring resources provided by organizations like EndDD (End Distracted Driving) for further insights and guidance.


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