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Appreciation to Attorney Lenora Randall

Letters from our customers:

June 11, 2012

Dear Welch, Gold, Siegel & Fiffik:

I have been a member for several years and have utilized the letter writing service a few times. In prior efforts to utilize the service, I will be honest, I was not always pleased. The attorneys were resistant to providing a draft of the letter prior to sending it out, and only did so with my insistence. The letters were what they wanted, and were ineffective. Each time I came away feeling I had not been treated as a valued member.

I had a very different experience recently working with Atty. Lenora Randall of Welch, Gold, Siegel & Fiffik, PC. She listened attentively and was very supportive. Ms. Randall made it clea that her goal was to get the facts straight and express my thoughts about the issue within the bounds of the prevailing legal parameters. She did not hesitate to review a draft of her letter with me and to make adjustments as neccesary. Her letter was direct on the issues, concise and expressed my concerns and the outcome that I was seeking. Atty. Randall provided the type of service I had hoped to recieve in my prior encounters. I came away feeling grateful to her. Now I am hopefull, because she represents what good customer service should be, and I have reconsidered maintaining


Member from Pittsburgh, PA

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