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Victimized by Uninsured Driver – Attorney Matt Bole Helps Family Pick Up the Pieces After Tragedy

Updated: May 16, 2022

When a family of four was severely injured in an auto accident by an uninsured driver, they were left to pick up the pieces – physically, emotionally, and financially. Since the driver who hit them was uninsured, the family had to look to their own insurance company to try to cover all the expenses from the accident, like medical bills and damage to their car. Even more financial strain was added to the situation when the family was not able to work on their farm due to their severe injuries like broken arms, hips, and hands. Thankfully, the family called Matthew Bole, Partner at Fiffik Law Group, and he helped them get a substantial financial settlement.

When auto accidents are the result of driver negligence, victims may be able to recover financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for their injuries. Proving negligence in an auto accident case can be a complicated and lengthy ordeal. In this case, Attorney Bole even had to wait for a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision before proceeding with some of the family’s claims. The case in question dealt with insurance stacking, which is a way to combine insurance coverage limits – the maximum amount your insurance company will pay toward a claim – for multiple vehicles. By stacking your insurance, you end up with a higher maximum limit and are better protected if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Ultimately, Attorney Bole made sure that the family’s car damages were paid for and that they received an additional settlement of over $310,000 to cover their medical expenses, pain, and suffering. Multiple claims are still pending, so the family may still receive more.

Even though Pennsylvania legally requires motorists to be insured, six percent of motorists are still uninsured, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Uninsured drivers can be subject to criminal charges and the seizure of their personal assets to pay for any damages that insurance would otherwise cover. However, like in the case of the family of four, it is unlikely the uninsured driver will have any personal assets to go after. Because of this, it is important to maintain the uninsured motorist provisions on your own coverage to protect yourself in the event you are hit by someone who is uninsured or underinsured.

The emotional trauma that victims of auto accidents experience is often overlooked in the wake of the more apparent physical and financial consequences. After the initial shock wears off, it can be difficult to predict the long-term psychological effects of the accident. Victims of auto accidents report experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Shock

  • Anger

  • Guilt

  • Embarrassment

  • Mood swings

  • Chronic fatigue

There is also an increased risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition to seeking financial compensation, it is vitally important to seek professional help to treat the emotional and psychological harm the accident caused. Your mental health is part of your physical health and should not be overlooked.

If you were involved in an auto accident or are considering filing a personal injury claim, you should consult with an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Schedule a free consultation today to get your personal injury case started.


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