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Pittsburgh’s Rental Registration Program to Go into Effect End of May 2022

Pittsburgh’s rental registration program will begin on May 29, 2022, according to Pittsburgh’s Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections.

As Pittsburgh is a majority renter city, this newly approved program is intended to ensure rental properties meet “the minimum standards for safe living conditions.” Inspections on rental units will occur at least once every five years, and ones built before 1978 will also be subject to a lead dust wipe inspection, as required by Pittsburgh's new Lead Safety Ordinance.

Many Pittsburgh officials, such as Councilman Bruce Kraus, have pushed to enact a similar program in the past, according to TribLive. However, it was ultimately stopped by a lawsuit challenging the program’s associated fees. The new program has a lower fee structure - a $16 application fee, a $5.50 fee per parcel, and a $14 travel expense and inspection fee per unit. Rental units will only need to pay the application fee during the years they are not subject to inspection, and affordable housing properties will be exempt from the annual rental registration permit fee.

Even though the program officially begins in May, landlords will have until the end of the year to register. Program applicants should visit the OneStopPGH portal to create an account and learn how to submit a rental registration online.

Are you a landlord or renter in Pittsburgh and have legal questions about this new program? Call (412) 391-1014 or click here to be connected to one of our experienced attorneys and schedule a consultation.


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