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New PA Law: Drivers Must Clear Snow Off Their Car or Face Fines

In July of 2022, Pennsylvania lawmakers unanimously passed "Christine's Law" requiring drivers to clear snow and ice off of their vehicles within 24 hours of a snowstorm. This law is named after Christine Lambert, a Pennsylvania woman who was killed on Christmas Day in 2005 when a piece of ice fell from a passing tractor trailer, crashed through her windshield, and struck her in the head.

Before the passing of Christine's Law, drivers could not be pulled over for having snow and ice built up on their vehicle. They could only be fined if someone was injured or killed by snow and ice falling from their car. Now, if drivers do not clear off their vehicles, the police have cause to pull them over and fine them $50. The fine when someone is injured or killed by falling snow or ice also increased to $1,500.

Pennsylvania passed this law to prevent tragic deaths like Christine's. It only takes a few extra minutes to clear off your car - if you won't take the time for the safety of others. at least take the time to avoid being pulled over by the police and fined.

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