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Client Business Spotlight – Affirm Candle

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Pennsylvania business applications were up 24 percent in 2021 over the previously record-breaking year of 2020. In 2021, Fiffik Law Group, PC helped clients form over 175 new businesses. Each month, we spotlight one of our clients’ exciting new businesses. This month’s business is Affirm Candle, owned by our client, Gardith.

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Gardith lost her family to the devastating earthquake in 2010. To cope with and heal from this trauma, Gardith began to explore aromatherapy, affirmations, and candle making. As time went on, she decided to create Affirm Candle as a way to connect with and help heal other people who have also been through trauma.

“I have always been interested in aromatherapy and herbal medicine as a result of my upbringing on the Islands. When humans don't have many resources, we are forced to use the Earth, the best resource!” - Gardith

Gardith’s business is beyond an interest for her – she is an expert with several degrees in an array of fields:

  • Bachelor's degree in Africana studies from Cornell University

  • Master of Arts degree in Teaching from the Relay Graduate School of Education

  • Master of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from Drexel University

  • Certificates in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Aromatherapy, and Hypnotherapy

She is also currently pursuing a dual degree in Academic Medicine and Research focusing on Trauma Therapy.

For Gardith, her craft involves more than just making candles smell good - she uses her impressive educational background to scientifically craft her candles. For example, she uses a distillation apparatus to make her own essential oils. Purchasing essential oils outright can be highly expensive, but her homemade process allows her to reasonably price her products for her customers.

Gardith first connected with Fiffik Law Group through her LegalShield membership that she obtained when she started the process of opening her own business.

“I needed someone that I could constantly call to answer all my questions…I am a perfectionist – I like to master one thing before moving on to the next. I stay in my lane of science, so I need someone else who is an expert in law to help me.” -Gardith

Fiffik Law Group helped Gardith with a wide variety of issues related to starting your own business, many of which Gardith would not have otherwise been aware of.

  • Registering trademarks for her brand and products

  • Only including legally required ingredients on the candle labels so competitors cannot copy her recipes

  • Requiring customers to sign an authorization form to protect Gardith from liability

  • Including product disclaimers to protect Gardith from liability

  • Applying for a membership to the National Candle Association

“LegalShield is super efficient and affordable.” -Gardith

Check out the Affirm Candle website to browse all of Gardith's products and learn more about affirmations and aromatherapy.

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