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Bankruptcy: Utilities, Employment, Driver's License

Updated: Mar 20, 2023


If you are behind in your utility payments and file for bankruptcy, you can discharge the outstanding bills in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and repay outstanding bills through your repayment plan if you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Public utilities such as the electric company, cannot refuse or cut off service because you have filed for bankruptcy. However, the utility can require a deposit for future service and you do have to pay bills which arise after bankruptcy is filed.


An employer or government agency can not discriminate against you because you filed for bankruptcy. Government agencies and private entities involved in student loan programs also can not discriminate against you based on a bankruptcy filing.

Driver’s License

If you lost your license solely because you couldn’t pay court-ordered damages caused in an accident, bankruptcy will allow you to get your license back.


We understand the stress and sleepless nights that arise from difficult financial times. Our bankruptcy attorneys are ready to get you some relief and back on the path to good credit. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.


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