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There are a lot of drug charges out there, and they carry a wide range of consequences. Our Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Butler and Beaver drug crimes defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in the state and federal courts of Western Pennsylvania. Before you say anything to the police that could hurt your chances of lowering the charges against you, make sure you talk to an attorney who understands your options.



If you are convicted of a drug crime, you face a wide range of potential consequences, from driver’s license suspension to a long prison sentence. Our firm is prepared to handle a wide range of drug charges, including possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, and trafficking. In all cases, we will work to lower the charges you face and minimize the potential damages as we fight for an acquittal. We handle drug crimes involving all types of narcotics, including:

  • Marijuana

  • Cocaine

  • Meth

  • Prescription pills

Building the best possible defense against charges of drug crimes depends on a number of factors specific to each case. Starting at the beginning, we will look into your initial contact with the police to determine whether they had probable cause to search you in the first place. We will also look into whether they violated any search and seizure laws. If they did, the charges against you could be thrown out. If you have been charged with a drug crime or offense in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Butler, and Beaver, our criminal defense attorneys can help.  For a free consultation directly with an experienced criminal defense attorney, please call (412) 391-1014 or contact us by email. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover and are willing to work out payment plans.

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