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Limited Liability Company Questionnaire


Are you a veteran or reservist?

If yes, please provide a valid Federal Veterans' Administration card, valid Department of Defense-issued military identification card, Federal DD-214 form, or Federal NGB-22 form.

(Veterans or reservists receive discounted filing fee with Department of State.)


Primary contact person for LLC (if different than Personal Information above):

Cannot be a P.O. Box.

Do you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business?

If yes, please provide a copy of the EIN letter from the IRS.

Will your business have more than one owner? (Additional charge starting at $550 for LLCs with multiple owners)
Select any additional services that you are interested in.

By submitting this Questionnaire, you are agreeing to the terms of service for your Launch by LegalShield® LLC Formation.

Thanks for submitting!

LLC Questionnaire

Launch by LegalShield
Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Launch by LegalShield® package? 

Under the LegalShield Launch Program, Fiffik Law Group, P.C. will provide basic legal services to get your single member LLC started.   


With a Launch package, Fiffik Law Group will: 


  • Check the availability of your LLC name to be registered with the state;

  • Obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN); 

  • Prepare and file your Certificate of Organization; 

  • Draft Resolution of the Incorporator;

  • Prepare your LLC’s Operating Agreement; and

  • Provide you with guidance on tax and legal compliance.

Additional Services are available to include with your launch for additional fees. 

What Additional Services are Available to Launch by LegalShield® Customers?

Multi-Member Business Organizations:  $550.00 

  • All of the above; 

  • Assist with business registration for PA Department of Revenue; 

  • Advice regarding electing tax status for business; 

  • Preparation and filing tax status forms with IRS; and 

  • Enhanced Operating Agreement/Bylaws with multi-member provisions. 


Additional Services: 

  • Advice, preparation and filing tax status forms with IRS:  $100.00; 

  • Fictitious Name Registration:  $100.00; 

  • On-line registration with Department of Revenue: $100.00; 

  • Registration of domain name for website:  $200.00; 

  • Premium Operating Agreement – hourly rates apply; 

  • Customized Employment Agreements:  $750.00; 

  • Customized Independent Contractor Agreements:  $750.00; 

  • Subscription Agreement:  $750.00; and 


Filing fees, domain registration fees, overnight delivery and other costs not included. 

What do you need from me to form my LLC?

In order to form your LLC, Fiffik Law Group needs the following items: 

  • Completed LLC Questionnaire; 

  • Executed Form SS-4; and 

  • Payment of the filing fee 


Depending on your specific circumstances, we may need more documentation such as an EIN letter of valid military identification. 

I'm a veteran, does this change the process?

The Department of States waives the filing fee for a LLC if you are a veteran or reservist.  In order to waive the filing fee, all formation/registration documents must be signed by the veteran or reservist seeking the fee exemption.  Additionally, proof of the veteran's or reservist's status must be attached to the filing.  


Valid forms of identification include: 

  • Federal DD-214 form; 

  • Federal NGB-22 form; 

  • a valid Federal Veterans' Administration card; or 

  • valid Department of Defense-issued military identification card. 


If you cannot provide proof, you will be responsible for the filing fee. 

How long does it take to form an LLC?

The Department of State varies on their processing times for LLC filings.  Currently, we are seeing filings processed and returned with 2 to 6 weeks. 


Please keep in mind that this time frame is an estimate based on multiple factors.  In order to proceed with your Launch, Fiffik Law Group requires a the LLC questionnaire, executed IRS Form SS-4, and payment of the filing fee before filing with the Department of State.  We cannot begin to form your LLC until all the required forms and payments are received. 

What is Fiffik Law Group, PC's role in forming my LLC?

We will act at the Organizer or Incorporator for your LLC.  This means that our firm, and your attorney, will be listed on the Certificate of Organization.  This means that we will file the appropriate documents with the Department of State, but will have no rights or interests in your LLC.   

What if I want a multi-member LLC?

Multi-member LLCs are not included in the LAUNCH BY LEGALSHIELD® package. If you would like to form an LLC with additional members there is an additional charge of $550.00, plus the current filing fee. Multi-member LLCs require different organizational documents and more attention to things such as taxes, accounting, and registration matters. If you would like your LLC to have more than one member, please let us know.  

What is included in my Launch by LegalShield® closing documents package?

Your final documents will includes; 

  • A letter from your Fiffik Law Group Attorney; 

  • A copy of your EIN; 

  • A letter from the PA Department of State recognizing the formation of your LLC; 

  • Your Certificate of Organization; 

  • LLC’s Operating Agreement; 

  • Signed SS-4; and 

  • Resolution of the Incorporator. 

It is very important that you save the digital copies as well as hard copies of each of these documents in a secure location. 

My LLC has been formed, now what?

Congratulations! After Fiffik Law Group sends your final LAUNCH BY LEGALSHIELD® package, your business is one step closer to being fully operational.   

Your document package will include an Operating Agreement, which needs to be signed and dated by the member(s).  Once the Operating Agreement is signed your business is formed. Some important steps to take after your business is formed include:

  • Saving all business documents in a secure location; 

  • Filing a PA-100; 

  • Opening a business bank account; 

  • Determining whether any additional licensing is required; and 

  • Determining your LLCs tax classification; 

  • We highly recommend hiring an accountant. 

Launch FAQs
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